Bosch: EVs To Get A Minimum Of 180-Mile-Range By 2020

moar-rangeBosch, a German company that builds automobile parts, said that it expects electric vehicles to offer a minimum of 180 miles of range per charge by 2020. Will that be enough to satisfy consumers?

Some electric vehicles, like the Tesla Model S, can already drive further than that, with an EPA-rated 265 miles of range. But starting at $85,000 for the 85 kWh model (before taxes), it is a car very few people can afford. Right now, most affordable EVs have less than 100 miles of range, which would make this a big, big jump.

But if the cost of batteries decreases enough, there would be enough financial room to install 180 miles worth of batteries in all electric vehicles. In other words, Bosch thinks electric cars with more than 180 miles of range will be affordable or in today’s EV price range by 2020. That would be a huge step towards wider adoption of electric vehicles, as most consumers don’t drive even half that on an average day.

By 2020, there will also be a wider availabilty of charging stations, especially in areas where EVs are popular, so even if you are stretching the range of your electric car, you should be able to top it off rather easily.

Source: Bosch via Green Car Congress


Nicholas Brown

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