Electric Audi R8 e-tron Cancelled, Millionaires Weep


audi-r8-e-tron-cancelledThe back-and-forth saga of the all-electric Audi R8 e-tron has come to a sad conclusion. Despite building ten test cars, Audi will not sell the R8 e-tron to the public, surely causing some hedge fund managers and industrialists to break down in tears. Apparently the car just didn’t live up to Audi’s high expectations. Sad trombone.

The waffling of Audi as to whether or not the R8 e-tron project would be sold has gone back and forth for the better part of a year. Despite setting a Nurburgring record for electric production cars (a record that is now void), Audi execs were reportedly troubled by the cost of batteries and long recharge times.

If you ask me though, it all came down to speed. The production R8 e-tron would have been limited to 125 mph, which sounds fast, but really isn’t for a car that certainly would have cost well into the six-figures. For that kind of money, a car should be able to hit 150 mph or more. Remember, in Germany many parts of the Autobahn have high, or even non-existent speed limits. This is a country where you can legally flex your car’s muscle.

Alas, the Audi R8 e-tron is just not-good-enough for sale, and probably cost too much for too little car. Ten pre-production models will be kept for internal testing, relegated to some secret garage as a not-quite-there-yet electric supercar. Instead, Audi will focus on its diesel-electric supercar, probably a safer bet.

But since when did “safe” make the history books?

Source: AutoCar

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  • Uncle B

    One big battery break-though will revive this super-car – weight seems to be the enemy and nano graphite Super Capacitors or even better technology, coming down the tubes form the exotics labs fast will soon enough resolve this difficulty – even as Asians bid higher in U,S, Debt Dollars for the worlds oil – ever driving its price skyward. When the curves meet, the gasoline and Diesel phenomenon will end, the fully electric will take wing. Another often downplayed reality:; the Thorium LFTR styled reactors debuting in 2017 in China hold promise of very much cheaper electricity, even may “Alter World Energy Maps Forever”, may force by economic realities a switch to electric cars? This “Dark Horse” in the race towards fully electric vehicles and the considerations for ho drive motors at high voltages to reduce mass, make electrics the most tantalizing gamble of the day!
    Audi’s “research model’ yields huge amounts of data, still to be worked over and the newer technologies arrive and adjust past assumptions.

  • danwat1234

    Should have just modified the ECU to allow a faster MPH? It can’t be the only reason it failed

  • Jay Donnaway

    Of course top speed isn’t the only reason. It couldn’t compete against Tesla.

    Audi ETron:

    0-60 4.2 seconds

    133 mile range

    Tesla Model S Performance

    0-60 3.9 seconds

    265 mile range

    • Eletruk

      Don’t forget, Audi R8 seats two, has minimal storage (more of competition to the Roadster).

      Model S seats 5 (7 with kids jump seats) and has frunk.

      So even if you compared the R8 eTron to the Roadster
      0-60 3.7 seconds it fares even worse.

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  • orbitly

    They couldn’t beat a startup.

    Audi R8:

    0-60 4.2 seconds

    133 mile range


    Tesla Roadster Sport (2010-11)

    0-60 3.7 seconds

    245 mile range

    $110,000, manufacturer refurbished models now around $80k.

    And that’s the Sport one. The R8 still can’t beat the 2008-2011 regular edition at 3.9 seconds and $90k, with refurbs starting at $60k.

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