Video: Corpses From Hell Moped Gang vs. Ruby X


My long-standing claims that the antics of a moped gang (club?) like the Hell’s Satans or Corpses From Hell constitutes “green” news rests on 2 things. First, their bikes get about 100 mpg, which seems like big news in an age when GM is touting 30 mpg cars in its ads. Second, these guys and gals have found a way to make the “green” aspect of their mopeds totally irrelevant – they’re just sweet rides. Especially the old Cub you see in the beginning of this video.

You know the guy’s nice, too, because you meet the nicest people on a Honda.

The video, below, has something to do with promoting a new Ruby X helmet from Ruby – the famed moped/motorcycle helmetier (that’s a word) that made fashion news a while back with their Tron X helmet. The video got me to write about their helmet, so well played! You can check it out, below.


Source: Derestricted.


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