Tesla Model S Coupe Rendered, Should Definitely Be Made

model-s-coupeWhat does the “S” in Model S stand for? The most obvious association that comes to mind is “Sedan”, but what if Tesla makes a coupe version of the Model S? Sort of throws a wrench into things. Still, after seeing this latest rendering from Theophilus Chin of a two-door Tesla Model S, it seems like an obvious next-step for the all-electric automaker.

This is the latest Tesla rendering from Chin, who also penned the awesome Model ST shooting brake concept from earlier in the year. Sans two doors, the Tesla Model S is still one sexy electric car, perhaps even more so than the four-door version. If Tesla were to go this route, I imagine they might also offer a special performance option, on top of the recently-revealed Performance Plus package. Maybe more power too?


For now, this remains a concept, though there is no telling what Tesla really has planned. Other concepts have pointed towards a small urban commuter, while Elon Musk has said the Model X takes priority next. Still, it wouldn’t take TOO much effort to cut off a couple of doors and boost the power, would it?

Come on Elon, you know you want to make a Model S coupe.

 Source: Theophilus Chin


Christopher DeMorro

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