Volvo Doubling V60 Diesel PHEV Production Due To High Demand

volvo-v60-hybridVolvo just entered the hybrid market with a limited production V60 Plug-In Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (PHEV). They sold the first 1,000 that they built last year, and initially expected to increase production to 5,000 in 2014, but now they are increasing it to 10,000 due to unanticipated demand.

Volvo “inundated” with demand for their diesel plug-in hybrid despite being skeptical that customers would line up for such vehicles. Unlike Chevrolet, Nissan, and other electric vehicle manufacturers (or should I say the rest) who seriously overestimated theirs, Volvo was  cautious, and it appears to be paying off. They spent years developing their hybrids but waited until now to finally sell one.

Plug-In hybrids (unlike non-plug-in hybrids), and diesel cars tend to cost far more than traditional gasoline-only cars. In the V60 PHEV Volvo used a combination of both: a diesel hybrid-electric propulsion system, and sells the car for about $80,000.

It seems as if a vehicle like that should be on the extreme high end of the hybrid price range (for what it offers), but it is quick. It accelerates from zero to sixty MPH in 6 seconds, and it is a Volvo station wagon!

Its electric mode range is also on par with the rest of the hybrids, at 32 miles per charge, with a diesel engine to back it up when that 32 miles is depleted. Due to the fact that, in general, people do not travel further than 30 miles on most trips, they could actually make most of their trips in the highly efficient electric mode.

Good news for Volvo and station wagon fans to be sure.

Source: Cars UK


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