Tesla Revises Leasing Scheme, Offering Model S For As Little As $580 A Month

tesla-model-s-sunsetAfter listening to customer feedback, Tesla Motors has rolled out its leasing scheme 2.0, which ditches the sketchy math and allows for longer leasing options that could bring the Tesla Model S price down to just $580 a month. Sounds downright affordable.

As a fresh face on the automotive scene, Tesla has certainly shaken up the status quo with its all-electric sedan and direct-to-customer sales service. But many an eyebrow was raised when Tesla rolled out a lease-to-own scheme that used sketchy math to make some sketchy claims. This included assuming your time was worth $100 an hour when pumping gas and figuring an average of $5 a gallon for premium fuel over the next 5 years.

Ultimately the Tesla Model S was still going to cost you around $1,100 a month if you factored out all of the shenanigans. But the new leasing model has terms extending up to 72 months, with payments (after including savings from not using premium gas) could be as low as $580 a month. While still a premium car price, it is certainly more affordable at that price point.

Tesla also now guarantees the highest resale value of any premium sedan made en masse from any major luxury car maker. That is another bold claim, but one that shows how serious Tesla is about delivering a premium driving experience. And with features like the $6,500 Performance Plus Package, premium is the right word for this all-electric sedan.

At $580 a month, even I am tempted to find a way to justify the purchase of a Tesla Model S. Drop another couple of hundred dollars off of that price, and I’d have a hard time justifying NOT buying a new Tesla. 2017 can’t come soon enough.

 Source: Wired


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