Shanghai Supercar Teased With V12 Hybrid Setup

icona-vulcanoChina is already the world’s largest car market, and it is quickly coming to dominate even niche automobile sales as well. With literally hundreds of large and small automakers competing for Chinese consumers, it takes something truly unique and exciting to get people talking. Shanghai-based Icona has teased a V12 hybrid supercar ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show…and we can’t wait to see the rest of it.

Details of the Icona Volcano are scarce at the moment, but according to the info Icona has so far release, we can expect something really special. The V12 engine was designed by Claudio Lombardi, known for his work in the World Rally Championship and Formula One racing series. It will mounted in the front, and mated to a pair of electric motors good for a total output of around 900 horsepower. Sounds similar to the LaFerrari Hybrid, doesn’t it?

Icona debuted a pure-electric concept car back in 2011 called the “Fuselage GT”, though like other automakers Icona seems to be focusing on “cheaper” and more practical hybrid supercar setups. Will the Icona Volcano soon be mentioned in the same breath as Ferrari or Porsche? Will China be the land of green supercars? Stay tuned for the full reveal to find out.

Source: Autoblog


Christopher DeMorro

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