Question Of The Day: What Car Would You Convert Into A Hybrid?


wheelmotorThis week Protean announced that it would soon begin production of its in-wheel hub electric motors. These motors not only eliminate parts life driveshafts and differentials from standard cars, but can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, turning them into hybrids. They’re not the only ones promising to offer a retrofit hybrid system for existing cars, which could be used to deliver better fuel economy or, as I see it, better performance.

So here is my question to you, the loyal readers of Gas2. If you could convert any car, new or old, into a hybrid vehicle, what would you choose? Why?

For me it would have to be some kind of classic, perhaps even an old Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. Add these hub motors to the front wheels and suddenly you have an all-wheel drive muscle car with heaps of instance torque. What’s not to love?

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  • TemK

    All of my friends pickup trucks, they are tradesmen and could use more torque in a vehicle that costs less to drive to work in

  • egogg

    Hub motors on the back two wheels of a VW Golf TDI is an obvious choice. WIth the diesel engine driving the front wheels, and electric motors the rear, you would have a highly efficient machine that would work great in the snow. You would want an electric power steering pump, and electric brakes so that pure electric operation is possible.

  • Time now for University of Alberta, Canada’s hemp car adn utility vehicle bodies?

  • JJdo

    1995 Honda Civic

  • Jason Carpp

    I’ve never been a fan of hybrids, mainly because the engine choices are so severely limited, usually gasoline/electric hybrid. That being said, if a diesel engine were offered as an option, I’d buy either a Dodge Ram 1500, perhaps a vintage Ramcharger with a diesel/electric hybrid engine. A Ford F150, maybe an Explorer diesel hybrid, or a Chevrolet/GMC 1500 truck. Maybe a Suburban diesel hybrid. How does that sound?

    • Dennis

      Adomani has converted a RAM 1500. Check out their website. You have to go to the videos and gallery, They have pictures and YouTube videos,

      • Jason Carpp

        Hi. I checked out the You Tube video, and there doesn’t seem to be a You Tube video of it posted.

  • t_

    I’ll try it with a Renault Clio. Not that 45 MPG without hybrid drive train is not good, but I’ll try it. I’d like to see my car make 55 – 60MPG. Retrofitting of existing cars to hybrids, I’m in.

  • Dennis

    Adomani has converted a Ford Mustang and a RAM 1500. Check out the videos and gallery on its website. COOL!