Las Vegas Car Share Service Buys 100 Tesla Model S EVs

tesla-factoryTony Hsieh, the CEO of online shoe store Zappos, has a plan for downtown Las Vegas. Part of that plan includes a new car sharing service called Project 100. And by now you’ve probably concluded that Project 100 stands for the 100 Tesla Model S EVs at the core of this new car sharing service. But will it work?

Project 100 is part of the Downtown Project, and will be an app focused on transportation including biking, flying, and of course driving. The order for 100 Tesla Model S sedans is the largest to date, though the announcement did not specify whether these Teslas will come with the 60 or 85 kWh battery packs. Regardless, this is a huge investment for Hsieh, especially when there are so many competing car services out there.

But the Tesla Model S could be a difference maker, depending on the price. Rather than charge by usage, Project 100 users will pay a flat monthly fee that will be less than $400 a monthly, the estimated monthly outlay for car ownership. If you include taxes, insurance, gas, and a car payment if you have one, car ownership can easily exceed $400 a month.

The question though is whether this car sharing service will work for daily commuting. Can you really replace your car with a car sharing service, and one that uses only electric vehicles? While the Tesla Model S has an impressive range of around 240 miles, max, the nearest Supercharger station is in California. There will be no fast charging in the City of Sin.

Would you give up your car to share a Tesla Model S with an entire city of subscribers?

Source: Project 100


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