Volvo V60 (With Plug-In Hybrid) Heralds Return Of Swedish Wagons To U.S.

2014-volvo-v60-wagon-3When Chinese automaker Geely bought up Volvo, they were quick to divest the Swedish automaker from any remaining ties with former owner Ford. This included offing popular models like the Volvo V60 station wagon, a staple of Volvo’s fleet for decades. But the Volvo wagon is back in a big, beautiful way, with both a sporty R-version and a super-efficient plug-in hybrid model on its way to U.S. shores.

On display at the New York Auto Show is the new Volvo V60 wagon and its variants, including the turbocharged, fun-to-drive R-version and the diesel-powered plug-in hybrid, which was nominated, but did not win, the 2013 World Green Car award (more on that later). That’s a real shame, because as awesome as the Tesla Model S is, a pure electric vehicle (and an expensive one at that) simply won’t work for most people.

But a plug-in hybrid wagon with an efficient diesel engine with an up-to 130 MPGe rating? Practical, sporty, fun, and efficient, that’s what that is, and we’re glad that after an almost 4-year hiatus, Volvo wagons are returning to America in a big way. Sporting a 2.5 liter, five-cylinder diesel and an 11.2 kWh battery pack, Volvo claims their wagon can go up to 30 miles on electricity alone before the diesel engine kicks in. Combined with the electric motor, total torque output is an incredible 440 ft-lbs. Not bad for a grocery getter!

However nothing is set in stone, especially in regards to the diesel-hybrid wagon. So keep your fingers crossed that Volvo’s new management delivers this awesome ride to American dealerships…and soon.


Christopher DeMorro

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