2014 Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive Coming To America

mercedes-b-class-ED-3Mercedes-Benz has been slow to adopt hybrid and electric vehicle technology, but the lumbering German giant will soon bring its first pure electric car to American shores. That car is the 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, and it will boast a driving range that exceeds that of most of its competitors by a substantial amount.

According to Mercedes, the B-Class Electric Drive should have “around” 115 miles of driving range from its 28 kWh battery pack. The electric motor will give the B-Class 134 horsepower and 236 ft-lbs of torque to play with, with an electronically-limited top speed of 100 mph. 0-60 mph is said to take less than 10 seconds.

That 115 mile rating is between 25 and 40 miles more than most other EVs on the market. Mercedes will also offer the SLS AMG Electric Drive supercar for sale later this year, though that car will carry a price tag in excess of $500,000.

Sounds like a promising competitor, and being a Mercedes, it will no doubt carry a premium price. But Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, has the low-end of the EV market covered as well with its Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Both cars likely derive their batteries and powertrains from Tesla Motors, which signed a deal with Daimler to provide EV batteries several years ago.

Will the 115 mile operating range make the premium price worth it? Tell us in the comments below.


Christopher DeMorro

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