Video: BBC Profiles Lord Drayson And His 200 MPH Electric Race Car


drayson-racingElectric race cars are finally starting to be taken seriously, and at the forefront of this clean, green racing innovation is Britain’s Lord Drayson. Drayson’s latest contribution is a lightweight, all-electric race car that he claims can hit 200 mph, and the BBC recently profiled this racing revelation.

The carbon fiber exoskeleton harbors the battery and drivetrain of the Drayson electric race car, which won’t compete in the new Formula E series as soon as next year. While Drayson is keen to point out the four Oxford-designed electric motors, as well as the 200 mph top speed, range and recharging were not discussed at at all.

Drayson’s EV racer won’t compete most likely because of just these issues, though in fairness the car is being billed as a testbed for new technology, rather than an actual competitor. McLaren and racing companies are penning electric race cars of their own design, so the good Lord has plenty of competition. We can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

Source: BBC via Autoblog Green

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