Forbidden Fruit: 57 MPG Diesel Wagon is the Mazda 6 We Want Right Meow


Mazda 6 diesel wagon

Over the past few months, Chris and I have both swooned over the sexy, swoopy new Mazda 6 and its racy new SkyActiv, clean-burn diesel engine (at Detroit and Chicago, respectively). One thing we both noticed was that Mazda USA was pretty cagey about the whens and hows of getting the new 6 to the US with said diesel engine, with company executives saying the car “might” be available here later this summer. That’s a long way off, in my book.

Despite today being the first day of spring, though, summer suddenly seems a lot further away – thanks to the latest review of Mazda’s new SkyActiv diesel wagon.

Autocar got a chance to take one for a spin in the UK, where the car is readily available for purchase. Autocar called the 173 HP motor “refined and, with 309 lb-ft of torque, (capable of delivering a) reasonable shove.” A 300 lb-ft “shove” in the back-side sounds fine to me, especially when the aerodynamically-efficient wagon gives back 57 miles of highway awesomeness for each gallon of diesel you give it (61, with manual-transmission).

You can check out some of Autocar’s photos, below, and CLICK HERE for the original article. While you’re at it, feel free to click on any “Mazda” ads you see on this site, find the “contact” page, and tell whom it may concern that you want the new Mazda 6 diesel wagon, like NOW.


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Source | Photos: Mazda, via Autocar.

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  • Americans will get “it” alright – when diesel prices are rated by BTU of the fuel – a hell of a lot higher than gasoline or gasohol for sure! Big Oil and the Taxman are not about to give you poor ass-holes an honest brake! Don’t kid yourselves – watch for the bull shit propaganda storm on this one! P.S. The first Rabbit Diesel – 1980 – ran just fine on illegal #2 stove oil in a test done by a neighbour – for years! at 19 cents a gallon!

    • Jo Borras

      Bruce, you really need to back off on whatever meds you’re on and/or turn off the “Ancient Aliens” and “Illuminati Conspiracy” shows.

    • UncleSam

      Bruce, Fuck you from this American who is not poor, and not an asshole.

      Perhaps WE should have stayed on this side of pond in the 1940’s, and we could have watched you poor bastards shining Hitlers boots…

    • trevandre Robert


      can attest these claims, though i dont know what relevance “Ancient Aliens” has to do with Bruce’s comment, Ancient Aliens foundations in my opinion seem based on speculations. When you base a society’s infrastructure on monetary system or what have you, what did you expect!think about it

  • Rnolletti

    This car is probably the last thing Ford wants it’s Japanese partner to bring here. It overshadows everything Ford has been hyping about it’s Ecoboost program the last few years. Can you imagine what would happen if Mazda offered this diesel as a hybrid or plug-in? The mileage figures would be off the chart. I would be camped out on the dealers sidewalk like a kid waiting for Michael Jackson concert tickets.

    • Christopher DeMorro


      Ford divested itself entirely of its stake in Mazda; the two companies have effectively parted ways, and Mazda is once again on its own.

    • aok

      Ford no longer ‘Partners’ with Mazda, Ford has less than a 2% share in Mazda, Ford has NO CONTROL on what w=Mazda now does, over the past 2 years.

      • Irene

        You are right on point!

    • Jo Borras

      It’s comin’, baby … just probably not as a wagon, which blows.

    • Chad Martin

      Mazda bought back all its shares from ford almost 5 years ago. They are not longer any more affiliated with ford than they are with any other company. Probably the closest parter they have right now is Alpha

    • al_frick

      Must have been a long time since you were a kid if you think kids these days would camp out for Michael Jackson anything…

  • It’s not going to get anywhere near 57MPG on the highway in typical driving. It probably is larger than 2 Liters in displacement because it has more than ~140HP that the VW TDI Jetta/Passat has (has 174HP), which averages about 40MPG real world average. A larger engine in a Mazda 6 would get worse mileage unless they have something magic up their sleeves, which I doubt.

    • hieppo

      Just because VW was not able to do it with their 2.0 diesel does not mean other companies using newer technology are not able to do it. Remember, Mazda solution is not just the diesel burner but they also include the new electrical capacitor assistance, redesign transmission andweight saving PR as Skyactiv.
      Wait until it fully comes over to North American shore before passing judgement. In Europe, they have the car already and there are some review that shows 5.4 L/100km or 52.3 mpg (European unit) or 44.6 mpg (American unit).

    • Irene

      They do, it is called Skyactive. A 2.2 liter engine that is blowing away the VW in horse power, torque and mileage, all w/o add on equipment to clean it up. Go to Mazda’s site or read about it on the net.

    • fred

      I have 2013 Passat getting 51 mpg in the USA

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  • David Battaglia

    Is the MPG figure reported in imperial gallons? If so, please realize that 1 imperial gallon (used in the UK) = 1.2 US gallons. Thus the reported 57 mpg might only be 45 to 46 mpg in the US (all other things being equal).

  • Kramrz

    Just read a response from my in box directly from Mazda Canada saying there is no plan to bring this great wagon to Canada. From the horses mouth comes a sad sad storey. Not good Mazda, not good. Tyler.


    The only reason I can think of why they will not offer the diesel wagon is probably because they might offer it on the CX-5…which would be just perfect. That segment will really change with the diesel CX-5. Besides they are also aware that a wagon, whether in diesel or petrol, will always be a small volume seller.

  • Jen


    • Christopher DeMorro

      @ Jen


  • AdvocateForCommonSensePolicies

    Has anyone looked into which markets would be best to import from?

    I would consider paying shipping on a boat if I could get one of these in the States.

  • Supergeek888

    Please Mazda. Please bring the diesel wagon to the US and take my money now!

  • Ty

    Skyactive diesel, In a wagon? Add all-wheel drive, and I’m in. Manual or auto makes no difference to me. But in the snowy parts of the US, all-wheel/4wheel drive is a ‘must have’. Which is why we see so many Subarus around here. Those and 4 wheel drive crewcab pickups, lots of which have toppers on them. Just wish Subaru would bring thier ‘boxer’ diesel here, which Fugi Heavy won’t allow for some reason.
    This idea would fill the bill very nicely.