Fisker Interview Reveals Few New Reasons For Leaving

Henrik-FiskerHenrik Fisker’s departure from Fisker Automotive seems to indicate that the old ways of running business at the young green car company are over. Citing disagreements with management, Fisker departed amid speculation that the impending sale of the green automaker to the Chinese pushed the founder out of the company bearing his name. But a new interview cities deeper issues with business strategy as forcing Fisker’s departure.

According to Fisker in an interview with the Detroit News, it would have been “wrong” for him to stay, as his agreements with management ran so deep that there seemed to be no middle ground. But the car-designer-turned-industrialist claims these disagreements had nothing to do will selling Fisker to the Chinese, which appears to be all but certain at this point. What that means for the Fisker Karma and upcoming Fisker Atlantic is anybody’s guess, but things don’t look too great.

Yet his failure to elaborate on the primary issues (most likely due to some post-employment contract clauses) leaves open speculation on what so turned off Fisker from his own company. Whatever the future seems to hold for Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker seems to want nothing to do with it. Not the kind of attitude that instills any sense of confidence into the green car maker.

Sound off; what do you think sent Henrik Fisker packing from Fisker Automotive?

Source: The Detroit News


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