Volvo Rules-out "Quirky" Electric Cars


Volvo V40 Hybrid

Despite what the company’s leadership in commercial hybrids, road-ready KERS systems, stop-start technology, and upcoming plug-in model line-up might lead you to believe, Volvo’s new leadership clearly doesn’t believe dedicated electric car designs like Nissan’s Leaf or Tesla’s Model S are the way forward. “(Volvo) customers don’t want quirky electric vehicles,” explains Peter Mertens, head of Research and Development at Volvo. “Our electric vehicles will be in existing models.”

So, no new ‘lectric P1800-esque retro coupe, then? I can live with that, especially if Volvo keeps pushing out cars like the slinky, sexy, and forbidden S40 hybrid diesel fruit (shown) or the rally-stage-stylish XC60 plug-in hybrid that the company insists is “coming soon” to US shores.

As for why Volvo saw fit to publicly poke fun at Nissan’s Leaf electric cars while they were announcing their upcoming hybrids, I can’t say. With real-world 0-60 acceleration in the sub 6-second range and fuel economy worthy of a Geo nameplate (not to mention the relative ease of converting the European Volvos to biodiesel), however, I’d tend to agree with Mertens: why would I want a limited EV when I could have a fast, clean, go-anywhere, go-anytime, AWD sporty sedan/SUV?

Look for Volvo’s new line-up of gas and diesel-electric hybrids to start popping up at dealers near you this summer, as MY2014 vehicles … and don’t hold your breath for pure electric cars, I guess!


Source: WhatCar

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  • Jason Carpp

    Good for Volvo! I’ve never been a fan of Electric Vehicles, or hybrid cars, particularly what’s being offered. I would love to see a diesel powered Volvo offered. It’ll probably never happen, particularly not here in North America, and especially not here in the USA. But to see something other than electric vehicles and hybrids being sold would offere people something they want, or need.

    • Jo Borras

      Volvo has been building diesel hybrids for over a year, and just bumped production from 1000 to 6000 units.

  • Volvo’s diesel electric an interem car in the advance towards full electrics. Volvo may not be aware yet of the astounding advances on carbon super capacitors, and there almost infinite rechagreability and in very short times. Volvo may not have seen this coming, but these super capacitors, still under development, have hardly reached their peak, and already show much promise. High voltage operation, highest ever Power densities , closer to gasoline now, perhaps able to surpasss fosil fuels yet, and ready to drive near loss-less electric motors, not to squander power stored on 20% efficient gasoline engines! More-over: they are fully pollution free! and last indefinitely. With these super capacitors expect huge efficiency gains for Wind Turbines, Solar installations, and expect low demand times thorium LFTR power to be stored for peak use.  Watch as leaky, dirty, enriched uranium systems fall by the wayside with very expensive decommisioning costs, ever higher building costs, and the newer cleaner Solar, Wind Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Bological domestic, renewable, perpetual, eternal systems fall into palce in America. Volvo will have to play catch up or once agian miss market share as the world moves on.

    • Jo Borras

      Everything you just described is decades away from adoption, glad to see you’re absorbing the crazy, though. Enjoy!

  • Mahoffmansts

    I can understand it. Prius could have been mentioned as well. All these cars are very avant garde in style – little continuum with what we are used to in cars. I don’t have a problem with eCars, but I wouldn’t buy any which look so… well… quirky!

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  • Aren’t Volvo’s quirky ugly cars to begin with?  I will take a Tesla over a Volvo any day.

  • You know, it’s kind of astounding that you guys have no qualms about dumping large quantities of pollution into other people’s air. It seems to not matter to you at all. Why is that?

    • Jo Borras

      Seems like you’re dumping some hot air yourself, amigo. Care to give the folks NOT on planet crazy a clue about what you’re talking about?

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