Geneva 2013: Gorgeous New Honda Civic Diesel Wagon


Honda Civic diesel

What you see here is the new Honda Civic Tourer – a thinly-veiled “concept” version of the company’s upcoming Civic diesel wagon, which is set to bow as a production model in 2014. Because of the car’s ultra-efficient, high-mpg, 1.6 L diesel engine – which is good for 118 hp and a solid 221 lb-ft of torque, by the way – we’ll probably never see this sexy, Rodimus Prime stand-in on this side of the pond.

Why not? Honda will keep this diesel wagon in its European markets for the same reason Ford won’t give us the new diesel Ranger pick-up: it will eat into the profits from their hot-selling, low-tech offerings in the US ‘muricans don’t want diesels.

Jalopnik thinks the Honda Civic Tourer diesel wagon concept is pretty much “there”, but posits that the full-width taillight probably won’t make it, not will the heavily-styled, center-exit exhaust. I just hope it makes it to the US. In red. With flames. And maybe 400 more lb-ft of torque.

That’s just me, though.

Source | Photos: Honda, via Jalopnik.

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  • Atkinson cycle with electric motors to help on the load end is just as good as a diesel

    • Turbine/rotary with a low-end electric motor (torque assist) mated to a CVT is better than both! 😉

  • Just imagine! A fully 40% more efficent diesel engine! Europ’s workers are getting a real deal on transportation costs! Hopefully in Canda where diesels are popular this great Honda effort will be available too! I wonder: Can Toyota give us a diesel Prius for some astoundingly good mileage in the cities? New diesels are very clean appparently, and some come with exhaust filters – no black smoke at all! I also would like to see the new nanocarbon capacitors reported to be able to replace batteries at higher efficiencies because nano capacitors do not have “internal resisitanc” that wastes energ like batteries. Exciting times just ahead in automotive transportation!

    • Canada is too heavily invested in the ICE to do that. Alberta would never allow it. Besides, there’s no reason for Toyota to go that route, from a marketing POV.

    • They always seem to be “10 years out”, no?

    • alex

      In North America the issue is the quality of diesel fuel.
      These cars are made to run with high quality diesel. Unfortunately it is not available here.

  • Rnolletti

    Couldn’t agree with you more about the current line of crap we have to make do with while Europe gets these cutting edge diesels and 60 mpg. Guess I’ll have to make do with my POS constantly needs attentionTDI Passat for a few more years until we muricans wake up and smell the diesel.

    • You could always pick up a new diesel, or an (actually really quite nice) Toyota Prius.

  • Jason Carpp

    Sweet looking car. It’s too bad it’s not allowed to be imported here because it’s driven by a diesel engine. I’ve always hated that. We, the car buyers, should be allowed to make the decisions what engines our cars should be driven with based on our wants and needs. If I were in the market for a car, I’d buy a diesel powered Honda Civic, a Toyota Corolla, or a Subaru Impreza Boxer Diesel.

    • jackson bauwer

      That is called UN Agenda 21.

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