Sbarro Réact' E.V. Is Actually A Plug-In Hybrid

sbarro-react-ev-frontWhen we hear the name Sbarro, we automatically think about those pizza places in the mall that sell huge slices of stuffed pizzas. But the Espera Sbarro Montbéliard School of Design is actually a well-regarded car studio, and their latest concept, the Réact’ E.V., is actually a sporty plug-in hybrid that we’d love to see brought to life.

Rather than stand in for “electric vehicle”, in this case E.V. stands for “Ecological Vehicle,” as it utilizes both a gas engine and two electric motors. By itself, the V6 gas engine offers 210 horsepower, while each electric motor has 137 horsepower. Combined output is around 484 horsepower. The two electric motors power the front wheels, while the V6 gas engine powers the rear.

Sbarro has plans to build the Réact’ E.V. with a 24 kWh battery pack, and enter it into the Monte Carlo Rally of New Energies. That’s about all the information the press release has to offer, and we’ll be genuinely surprised if the Réact’ E.V. moves beyond the concept phase. Surprised, but pleasantly so.


Christopher DeMorro

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