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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


Honda's EVster Concept Needs to Be the New Honda Beat in 2014

February 18th, 2013 by  

Honda EVster

This is the Honda EVster concept … and, after seeing it myself, I am ready to go on the record. The Honda EVster needs to be the new Beat.

For the uninitiated, the Honda Beat was the last Honda to be overseen by the great Soichiro Honda himself. It was a tiny, 600 cc roadster that topped out at speeds that might have gotten it crushed on US highways, but on a tight and twisty mountain road on a sunny day, it was (by all accounts) a sublime piece of simple, light-handling fun. Back in 1991, it looked like this …

1991 Honda Beat

1991 Honda Beat

… the EVster above, though, is a bit more exciting. It’s looks a bit heavy on the Michael Bay, I know, but the photos don’t convey how tiny this thing really is. It’s cute and adorable, it’s fun and light and breezy and if you don’t want one you’re probably dead inside.

I know there’s some debate on the new Beat, which Honda has been promising (threatening?) for a decade or so, now. Other outlets are pointing to the CRZ roadster concept and saying that’s the new Beat – but, if it is, then Honda has truly lost its way. A new Honda Del Sol? Sure, make this thing a new-age Del Sol, if you must. No one misses that frog-eyed runabout … but the Beat? The Beat, like the NSX, is a legend, and Honda needs to get this one right.

How right does the EVster get? Honda’s electrics are proven, reliable, and deliver 100% of their torque off the line, making for a new-age Honda Beat that will be quick and squirty in heavy traffic, where the diminutive Kei cars compete with scooters for the title of “fastest way to get from A-B in rush hour”. In other words: it will be perfect.

EVster for 2014 Honda Beat.


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  • Jo Borras

    I honestly can’t decide whether I liked this or the Toyota Avalon Hybrid was my favorite car at the show.

  • Jason Carpp

    I’ve seen pics of the Honda Beat, and was more than impressed with it. I was more than disappointed when it was never imported to the USA. I thought it’d make a nice “Mini Me” to the Acura NSX, A cute convertible version of the mid-engined sports car.

    • Jo Borras

      There was no way it would pass US crash tests.  In Japan, Kei-cars occupy a special class of sub-700 cc vehicles that includes some Vespa models, even.  If they could sell something like this in the US as “not a car”, it would be awesome.  As for me?  After 2016 we’ll be able to bring them in as antiques!  WOOT!!

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