Mia U Van Gets a Blue and White Makeover


The Mia U is an electric van manufactured in France by Mia Electric, and it comes with some unique characteristics, including a new blue and white “Blue Star” paint scheme.

Some of those unique features include power sockets, a blue and white color scheme in the updated Blue Star model, and an 8 kWh battery that provides it with 50 miles of range per charge. While 50 miles may not seem like much, it is more than enough range for getting around town, which is what the Mia excels at.

Other features include a roof rack, PVC floor protection, the ability of the driver to sit alone in the front, while passengers sit side to side behind them. The Mia U can be equipped with a 12 kWh battery that will provide it with 75 miles of driving range per charge, and that is still very small compared to typical electric vehicle battery packs. The 2013 Nissan Leaf battery pack is twice as much, at 24 kWh, yet it offers 73 mile range.

How could a van achieve two miles more driving range than a small car like the leaf and while using a battery bank that is half the size of it? These vehicles have been constructed in France, started in 2011, and Mia will start building vehicles in the U.K.

Other specifications:

  • Top Speed: 100 km/h. (62 mph).
  • Length: 3.19 meters (9.5 feet).
  • Width: 1.64 meters (4.9 feet).
  • Height: 1.55 meters (4.65 feet).
  • Cargo Volume: 1,200 liters (1.5 cubic meters)
  • Curb Weight: 765 kg including the 8 kWh battery, and 815 kg if it is equipped with the 12 kWh battery
The charge time of this vehicle and its compatibility with charging stations will also be important to its success.

Source: Autoblog Green

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  • Pizza van? Flower, booze, grocery delivery? I like it! Newer batteries coming sown the pipes and higher fossil fuel prices due to Asian demands will make this little fellow very popular in big cities no doubt! Even useful inside large factories? Airports? Small villages? The days of starting up the Straight Eight Oldsmobile with a quart of gasoline to go for a loaf of bread are over folks!

  • t_

    You could pack the Mia and put it in the rear trunk of the Leaf 🙂 That’s how it can achaive 75 miles with a 12 kwh battery pack – it is extremely light and small and has almost no other additional features.