Video: French Electric Ice Racing Crowns A New Champ


While we may associate motorsports with big, loud, and brash combustion engines, racing series the world over are exploring the alternative offered by electric racers. Just a few days ago the French Electric Andros Trophy concluded the 2013 ice racing season, crowning its champion. In celebration, we found some video from what can only be called a quiet-but-crowded green racing series.

The short, narrow courses are cut through ice and snow, encouraging a lot of drifting and driving around each other. These electric ice racers may not be the fastest things on four wheels, but do they look like an absolute blast to drive. It is like a miniaturized rally race in the snow, and you can actually hear the announcers over the whine of the rides.

The 2013 season came to a conclusion last week, and Andrien Tambay took home the crown the 2013 season, beating out the next two competitors, who both had 340 points each. This racing series came down to the final bout, and Tambay took home the gold.

While this isn’t a video of that particular race, it gives you a good idea of what these competitors are put through, and the potential electric vehicles have in the racing world. Hey Nissan, where is that Leaf electric racing series you all were talking about? And if not that, who do we talk to about bringing a version of electric ice racing to America?

Source: Andros Trophee

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