Video: Electric Snow Scooter An Enjoyable Alternative To Snowmobiles

We’re just about halfway through the winter here in the U.S., and while some areas have been hammered by snow, so far New England has had a pretty dry winter. But in places where there is always snow on the ground, a snowmobile can be more practical (though just as expensive) as having a car to drive around. That is where the Govecs electric snow scooter comes in.

This German-made snow scooter is not designed to compete with full-sized snowmobiles in either range or performance. Whereas some snowmobiles can reach speeds of more than 100 mph, and when properly modified, nearly 200 mph. In contrast, the Govecs Go! S2.4 tops out at around 27 mph, or 45 kph, though the range is around a respectable 60 miles/100 km per charge. Charge times on the 3 kWh are between four and five hours.

As an entry-level snow vehicle or a town runabout, the Govecs Go! S2.4 seems like a fun alternative to a regular car. The studded rear tire seems to give plenty of traction, and you can really lean into the corners on this snow scooter. It also seems better at navigating narrow trails than a full-size snowmobile would be able to do.

Of course such a vehicle only makes sense in places where there is always snow on the ground, as the front ski isn’t good for anything else, and cold weather can have a negative effect on battery life. Still, snowmobiles aren’t all that cheap either, and the Govecs Go! S2.4 could be a cheaper, more practical alternative that isn’t any less fun.

Source: Govecs


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