Collection Of Classic Microcars Up For Auction


During the 1960s, American automakers were guilty of building some of the largest automobiles to ever be sold as mass market transportation. The whole “bigger-is-better” attitude finally seems to be fading from the American psyche though, though there have always been those who preferred small cars to land yachts, and a large collection of American and European micro-cars is going up for auction later this month.

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum collection is being auctioned off on February 15th, and the whole shabang is expected to bring around $11 million when the last gavel falls. Weiner reportedly spent over 15 years assembling the collection of around 200 tiny vehicles, ranging from BMW Isettas and Messerschmitt three-wheelers to Trabant sedans and Vespa vans. There’s even a 730 horsepower Isetta drag car called the “Whatta Drag” that could fetch up to $100,000 alone.

For our money though, the 1958 Trabant P50 with a matching tiny trailer camper, estimated to sell for between $25,000 and $35,000, looks like an absolute blast as a weekend getaway ride. Then again, so does the 1970 Honda N600 or the 1949 King Midget Series 1, which looks a lot like a scaled-down race car.

But perhaps the coolest looking microcar up for grabs is the 1958 Goggomobil Dart, an Australian micro-car with a 15-horsepower, 2-stroke engine and a sleek design that reminds us a bit of Batman. Check out the list for yourself though, and let us know which of these past classics you’d like to add to your own collection of tiny automobiles.

Source: Handle With Fun via Green Car Reports

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  • Love these, I truly believe the SMART cars are a prelude to ultra light aluminium and fibre bodied rechargeable electrics, perhaps with three wheels only – think Morgan? America no longer builds many ‘Land Cruisers” aside from pick up trucks, and the Prius type cars will evolve to utility vehicles too, as the average American walks away from the McMansion mortgages and seeks a sustainability in their own land. Rising gasoline prices due to Asian pressures will make rechargeables look more inviting, and American folks with smaller car payments, smaller mortgages, and lower paying but productive and secure jobs will rescue the economy.