BMW and Toyota Team Up for New Tech, and a New Celica


Ford, Mercedes, and Nissan aren’t the only big players teaming up to gain an edge … hybrid technology leaders Toyota and BMW have signed a new agreement to collaborate on the research and development of more lightweight materials, fuel cells, and advanced lithium-air batteries to succeed the companies’ current lithium-ion cells. This is a binding agreement that extends an initial memo of understanding between BMW and Toyota that dates back to 2012.

Both BMW and Toyota stated that “They are convinced that fuel cell technology is one of the solutions necessary to achieve zero emissions.” Both firms have agreed to jointly develop a new fuel-cell stack, a hydrogen tank, motor and battery, with an aim to have these in the new BMW i models and next-generation Prii before 2020.

In addition to all that (and, by the way, this is the interesting part), Toyota and BMW will be joining forces to develop a new mid-size sports car platform – with initial work being completed by the end of 2013, with the Toyota model likely to be a car that slots into the range above the GT 86 (Scion FR-S) that may revive the Celica name and serve as a successor to the current BMW Z4, with a Lexus or i electric model also possible.

Here’s hoping!

Source: AutoExpress.

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  • Smaller lighter cheaper short haul vehicles will be needed sooner than we think! – Rising fuel prices will obsolete fuel intensive jet flights, provoking Chinese styled bullet trains, better public buses, trains trams, and leaving only the “terminal to home” drive left – a short drive, thankfully. Face of America must change, we must join the 21st Century, give up 29th century things to be more comfortable, more competitive, more sustainable. after all few schools teach buggy making now, and it really is hard to find a job as a well digger anymore? Honda Fix was a sign f the times as was the Mazda Miata, even the family vans have been modified to keep in line with the trends. Expect a Prius light delivery very soon! Expect smaller lighter hybrid diesel Electrics and fully battery systems to rule as we approach the highest gasoline prices in our history, combined with a U.S.Dollar weakened by the Fed constant printings. 3 moving part electric power trains form China next, super batteries on order.

  • Matt

    The FR-S/BRZ twins don’t have any personality. I liked the sound of the last Celica (2zz motor) and the car was sleek and very sexy.

    I will buy the 8th gen Celica if it’s not under the god awful Scion brand. I keep throwing money at the computer screen, but nothing is happening…

    c’mon Toyota!