Video: On Board The Mazda6 Diesel Race Car


We’ve talked at length about how awesome the all-new Mazda6 diesel race car is going to be, and finally the day has arrived when we get to see this ride in action. Video after the jump.

For those who don’t know, the Mazda6 diesel race car uses the same SkyActiv-D 2.2 liter diesel engine that will go into the production car you and I can buy. Of course, the racing version has been tuned and tweaked to provide extreme levels of performance. Still, as one of the few automakers willing to take the chance to campaign a diesel race car, and a family sedan at that, we think Mazda deserves big credit.

The diesels are coming…and they’re coming faster than you may have realized.

Source: Road & Track

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  • If Mazda really loved us, they would bring in the turbodiesel engined BT-50 sold everywhere but here. There is a huge hole in the bottom of the truck market for a capable, economical, fun-to-drive small truck.

  • Watch now! Diesel prices to soar at the pumps! Will be sold by Btu content very soon! as even CNG will be! Oil companies are raping the American peon, and like the feeling very much! They are unlikely to give up their cash cow by allowing modern technical advances to give the American peon a break! Google “Who Stole The Electric Car” and study it well! it is a lesson ion the power of the corpocracies over the U.S. government and people. Many moons ago German diesels proven 3 times as durable that u.S. gasoline engines, and a full 40% more efficient – and at that time diesel was half the price of gasoline and additive free! Who got screwed when it went up in price? Why did we not adopt the proven superior German engines? Why did GM come out with quasi diesels that were laughable technologies?
    Fortunately the Diesel story is over now and three moving part power trains from Japan and China will dominate as China’s newly appointed politburo has decided so. China also has the technology to make liquid fuels from Air and extreme heat from Thorium reactors and plan to do so – see u tube videos. Expect electric bullet trains a la European and Chinese styles to dominate 21st century travel the world over save for in the U.S.A. where corporatists still milk the proletariat, to precariat, then to full disenfranchisement rather than invest in cheaper transportation systems for the peons? Mazda’s diesels a step in the right direction. my 1980 VW diesel Rabbit went over 300,000. miles without major repair, started and ran well even in sub arctic Canadian conditions. my VW diesel Jetta did the same! My Ford Pinto didn’t make the grade – dealer said it burnt oil so bad because it had a “hard block” and would stop after a break in period – what a line of bull shit! The Pinto rusted so badly you could almost watch it go! Ford worker and friend scraped some paint off, said the car had spent a weekend on an outdoor rack after a phosphate bath and the rust was started then, right under the paint! I found the metal to be inferior especially to the Volvo cars of the day. Diesels gave me remarkable mileage once I learned how to take advantage of low end torque and alter my driving habits accordingly – much more shifting, and a lot of grunt exploitation! Diesels of my time were so smelly little beasts though! Hard to avoid that smell! Hope the new ones have improved that way.

  • Yasir Williams

    Iwould like to order one now!