First Norwegian Electric Ferry Sets Sail


With enough room on deck for 360 passengers and 120 cars, Norway’s latest ferry shuttle was designed to minimize fluid drag. In order to reduce the ferry’s weight for greater efficiency, the ferry’s designers have made the hulls much lighter than usual, using aluminum instead of conventionally-used steel. The ship is motivated by a 10-ton battery that powers two electric motors.

That’s right, gang: it’s a giant electric ferry boat with a 10 ton battery!

Keep in mind, that’s metric tons, which are a touch over 10% more massive than ‘Murican tons. For a bit of perspective, that means the battery weighs over 22,000 lbs. (or, about as much as 10 Mitsubishi MiEVs).

The best part? The electric ferry’s huge battery can be fully recharged in 10 minutes, so the ferry can be made ready to push off with all of its 800 KWs of engine power at the captain’s command as soon as the cars and passengers are ready to go.

All the power. No waiting. The future is awesome.


Source: Inhabitat.

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