Solar-Powered Glowing Roads Could Save Lives

The thought of being able to clearly see the separation between two lanes in the worst of storms, whether you are in rain, sleet, snow, fog, or any other type of weather is a wonderful thought that provides peace of mind. Researchers at Studio Roosegaard have developed a prototype for a glowing road that could save lives and prevent accidents in bad weather.

The important difference between street lamps, and having the lane lines glow is that the street lamps are designed to illuminate the entire road evenly. Unfortunately, this does not always work in stormy weather, as the light is scattered every which way, providing little in the way of actual illumination. So  the lane lines need to literally glow to make themselves seen, which could help save lives and prevent accidents.

These lane line are painted with what Stuido Roosegaard calls “Dynamic Paint.” They absorb sunlight during the day, and glow at night, for up to 10 hours. Solar-powered future highways is a topic we’ve seen raised before, though the simple nature of the glowing lines makes this idea a bit better.

Researchers at Studio Roosegaard have also developed plans that involve installing wireless electric car chargers into roadways.  Using magnetic fields and inductive charging, Studio Roosegaard believes they could charge EVs on the go, potentially giving them unlimited driving range.

That idea is a bit more far out, though wireless charging for parked EVs seems to be coming sooner rather than later.

This could facilitate the use of shorter range batteries. If you keep recharging a short-range 40 mile battery, for example, you can keep driving.

Source: Jalopnik


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