Trio Of EV Enthusiasts Driving Cross Country In Tesla Model S


Road trips are an American tradition, though many electric car drivers probably feel left out due to the limited range and long charging time of many EVs. But a trio of intrepid EV enthusiasts is driving a recently-bought Tesla Model S from Portland, Oregon to New York City, on a national tour…just because.

This road trip is the brainchild of Peter Soukup, who convinced Luba Thomas to not just buy a Tesla Model S, but to drive it across the country in a daring road trip. Along with Tina Thomas, the trio set off from the weird capital of the world, Portland, Oregon on a cross-country trip back to New York City.

As it stands right now, most electric cars don’t have enough range to be considered by consumers as a reliable replacement for standard automobiles. The exception is the top-of-the-line 85 kWh Tesla Model S, with an EPA-rated 265 miles per charge. Their route will go from Portland, down the West Coast, and across the southern states, and then back up the East Coast.

The group set out the day after Christmas, and Luba is even liveblogging their way across the country. The last post put them in Albuquerque, New Mexico around day six or seven. All told, they should be nearing the end of their journey by now, so they’ve been making pretty good time across the country.

While 265 miles isn’t enough range for a blistering pace, it is more than enough to get from one landmark or city to the next. In today’s rush-rush-rush world, perhaps the way electric vehicles slow us down and force us to take in the scenery could be considered a good thing.

The Tesla Model S sounds like the perfect road trip EV, but are there any other EVs you’d want to take on a cross-country excursion?

Source: Green Car Reports | Electric Road Trips

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  • Howard

    Last summer Spanish-German IT guy Rafael de Mestre drove his TESLA ROADSTER 2.5 28,000KM around the world including across the USA from NY to LA via Nebraska and across China and into the Gobi desert for two days in 120degrees heat…local tribesmen hooked him up to power lines to recharge. So lets get this straight if Rafael drove 28,000KM in 3 months in a ROADSTER then the MODEL S is easy.

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  • Don shaw

    I’d take my volt across the country

  • Bill A.

    Other EVs like the Leaf would take considerably longer, but it is doable. One owner too the Leaf from Baja to Vancouver last year and more road trips are planned this year. As the charging infrastructure grows (NY’s Gov Cuomo just announced a 2.5 + billion initiative on Solar and 3000 more EV charging station in NY alone), more EVs will sell and the technology will quickly advance. I don’t see any reason why by 2015 the long ranges that the Model S is seeing now will be available to the smaller EVs like the Leaf.

    I also agree that maybe us Americans have lost the true meaning of the road trip, in that it’s not the destination but the journey that makes it fun. My mother used to regale me with stories of her and her friends taking her Father’s 1940’s 6mpg sedan from queens NY out to the Moriches and it took 6 hours to drive there as there were no HWYS that went out that far and they had to stop for gas 2 times each way.

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