Toyota Offering Early Adopters Up To $17,500 Off of RAV4 EV Purchase


Nobody seems overly-impressed with the new Toyota RAV4 EV. With a price tag similar to the Tesla Model S, but less than half the range, and sales limited to just California, calls of “compliance car” were shouted by many a blog. But in an interesting twist, Toyota is offering buyers a chance to cut the RAV4 EV’s price down to a much more acceptable level.

Some Toyota dealers in California, the only place you can buy the RAV4 EV, are offering $5,000 cash back off of the Toyota RAV4 EV, plus another $2,500 in “loyalty” cash when trading in another Toyota product. That’s already $7,500 off, but when you factor in the $7,500 Federal tax rebate and California’s own EV incentives, you can get up to $17,500 off of the RAV4 EV’s $49,900. That’s a lot of money, even compared to the $599-a-month lease price.

When all is said and done, certain customers could end up paying just over $32,000 for a RAV4 EV, a much more palpable price if you ask me. But will these offers bring in the customers? Or is the RAV4 EV and its 103-mile EPA rating still too much of a risk at that price?

Source: Plug-In Cars

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  • Marc P.

    Range too low, price too high. It’s not rocket science.

  • No AWD….. or range extender….


  • Grant

    The review I read was very positive. If you are set on buying an SUV (and you live in CA), then why not buy an electric one? The charger infrastructure in most of CA is far ahead of the rest of the country so the range of 103 miles (more than twice what most people drive in an average day) is less of a concern.