Toyota Offering Early Adopters Up To $17,500 Off of RAV4 EV Purchase

Nobody seems overly-impressed with the new Toyota RAV4 EV. With a price tag similar to the Tesla Model S, but less than half the range, and sales limited to just California, calls of “compliance car” were shouted by many a blog. But in an interesting twist, Toyota is offering buyers a chance to cut the RAV4 EV’s price down to a much more acceptable level.

Some Toyota dealers in California, the only place you can buy the RAV4 EV, are offering $5,000 cash back off of the Toyota RAV4 EV, plus another $2,500 in “loyalty” cash when trading in another Toyota product. That’s already $7,500 off, but when you factor in the $7,500 Federal tax rebate and California’s own EV incentives, you can get up to $17,500 off of the RAV4 EV’s $49,900. That’s a lot of money, even compared to the $599-a-month lease price.

When all is said and done, certain customers could end up paying just over $32,000 for a RAV4 EV, a much more palpable price if you ask me. But will these offers bring in the customers? Or is the RAV4 EV and its 103-mile EPA rating still too much of a risk at that price?

Source: Plug-In Cars


Christopher DeMorro

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