Indianapolis To Replace Entire Gov’t Fleet With EVs And Hybrids By 2025

When I think of Indianapolis, my mind naturally goes to the Indy 500, one of NASCAR’s motorsports premiere racing events. Indianapolis hasn’t exactly garnered an image as a “green” city, but that is changing with a recent announcement from the city government. By 2025, Indianapolis plans to replace its entire government fleet with either electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Mayor Greg Ballard signed the order this week, and while initial efforts will focus on government-owned sedans, the city is reportedly negotiating with automakers to purchase plug-in hybrid police cars. In addition, Indy is working with private businesses in an effort to get its fire and garbage trucks running on compressed natural gas, or CNG. Indianapolis already has more than 200 EV stations in place, with more to come.

These efforts put Indianapolis at the forefront of the green car movement, and it could be the first city in the U.S. to have an entirely “green” government fleet. Other cities, like Austin, New York, and San Francisco will no doubt follow suit. But the fact that Indianapolis, home of one of the best-known races in the world, is leading the charge really says something about the growing appeal of going green.

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