Ford C-Max Hybrid Becomes Fastest-Selling Hybrid Ever

I’ll be the first person to admit when I am wrong, and I have been critical of the decision to hype up the Ford C-Max hybrid for months in advance of actual sales. But the tactic seems to have worked, as in the first two months of sales the Ford C-Max Hybrid has become the fastest-selling hybrid car ever.

With 8,030 C-Max Hybrids sold in its first two full months on sale, Ford has surpassed the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which sold around 7,300 units when it first went on sale in the spring of 2006. Granted, the buying public is more open to purchasing a hybrid vehicle these days, but Ford’s constant barrage of press releases and comparisons no doubt helped push C-Max sales higher.

With a 47/47/47 rating, the Ford C-Max hybrid joins the 2013 Ford Fusion hybrid as among the highest-rated cars for sale in the U.S. But not all is well with the Ford C-Max Hybrid; Consumer Reports recently noted that both the C-Max and Fusion failed to live up to their mpg claims by a margin of 20%.

But that doesn’t seem to have slowed down sales so far. But one has to wonder; if the mpg ratings are forced downwards by the EPA, will sales stay strong? Or will buyers look to other options?

Source: Ford


Christopher DeMorro

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