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Published on December 16th, 2012 | by Jo Borrás


Honda Teases a New, Compact SUV for 2014

December 16th, 2012 by  

2014 Honda Jazz SUV

It seems like only yesterday that we were talking about car companies making a desperate reach to grab the hearts and minds of young, trendy, urbanites. I don’t like throwing the word “hipster” around, but can you really see anyone lining up for a small-displacement, over-styled “urban” SUV built on Honda’s diminutive Jazz hatchback and sporting the old CVCC badges from the 1970s? Even ironically?

Honda thinks the Gen Ys will like the thing, though. Enough so that they’re planning to unveil the new cute-ute in Detroit, Michigan – home of a number of re-greening and revitalization efforts by this little Honda’s target market.

The small SUV will become part of Honda’s global vehicle line-up and sold in the US, Canada, and across Europe. Like the Jazz, expect it to be Chinese-built in most markets, with a possible Insight-like (the Insight is also Jaz-based) hybrid version coming later on.

So … yeah. Good luck, Honda. I think you’re gonna need it.

Source: Honda, via AutoExpress.

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