Forbidden Fruit: New Diesel Range Rover Gets Almost 40 MPG


37 MPG Range Rover Diesel

The Range Rover is one of the most luxurious SUVs available, and practically created the premium SUV market on its own. A market, mind you, now occupied by Lincoln’s Navigator, Cadillac’s Escalade, Porsche’s Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz’ GLK, GL, G, and ML SUVs … and that’s not even covering the high-priced, full-featured SUVs from brands like Lexus, Infiniti, Jeep, BMW, and more. The Range Rover is a trend-setter, in other words – but can it make diesel efficiency a trend?

The latest new Range Rover is the TDV6, and is powered by a high-torque, turbocharged diesel V6 engine that delivers a mind-blowing 37 MPG. Aaa-and we won’t be getting it here.

“High-torque”, by the way, translates to more than 600 lb-ft of torque. When coupled to the big ‘ute’s 8-speed automatic translation and the various gear reductions of its advanced 4WD system, the TDV6 gives the Range Rover more than enough grunt to get out of its own way and scurry up obstacles like few others.

:: sigh::

It’s really a shame that American automakers haven’t come to embrace diesel for the US, isn’t it? Check out the photos, below. If you’re a real glutton for punishment, feel free to head over to the original article and read driving impressions of yet another awesome vehicle you can’t have here.

Source | Photos: Autoexpress.

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  • And all we’re asking US (or any other) manufacturer for is a little pickemup with a torquey little turbodiesel 4. It should be dirt simple. Little trucks are all about efficiency and practicality. Diesels are all about efficiency and practicality. What is so damn hard about this?

  • George Voll

    Imperial gallons?

  • Jason Carpp

    “Forbidden Fruit”, that fits. It seems so unfair that other countries can get a diesel-powered SUV but we’re not allowed such things. 🙁 That is SO wrong!

  • t_

    Even if it is 30mpg american standard it is very well for a big SUV.

    • Jason Carpp

      30mpgs. That sounds like good fuel economy, although for a large SUV, that sounds unrealistic. 20-25mpgs sounds more like it.

      • Why is it unrealistic? It’s a high-efficiency V6 diesel – a TDi VW over a decade ago got 50+ mpg … that’s when it’s gasoline equivalent was struggling to get 30. This is right in line.

        • Jason Carpp

          You’re talking about a vehicle that weighs over 4,000lbs, add another few hundred pounds of people and luggage, and then you tell me.

          • This is just like math class: Range Rover showed their work, you show yours. Then we point and laugh at whoever forgot to carry the 1. “You tell me.” sounds a lot like we can’t do math.

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  • Jason Carpp

    For a vehicle weighing in at over 4,000, I reckon it’s not bad.

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  • Jason Carpp

    Forbidden fruit would be putting it mildly. If only every SUV sold here in the USA were allowed to have a diesel engine, even a diesel/electric hybrid engine. I’ve always preferred the Land Rover Defender over anything that’s currently available by Land Rover North America, and if it were available with a diesel/electric engine, I’d try one out.