India's Ghost Ryderz Prove: Small Bikes Can Stunt, Too (w/ video)


Small stunt bikes

Proving that stunt-riding on smaller-displacement bikes is not only possible, but awesome, India’s “Ghost Ryderz” stunt team electrifies crowds of two-wheeled enthusiasts throughout the country on (mostly stock) 200 cc, 80+ mpg Bajaj motorcycles that aren’t all that different from the 250-300 cc models on sale from Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki.

“Look at the size of these crowds,” says Icon’s Justin Knauer. “When’s the last time you saw that many people get excited about motorcycling in the USA?” He didn’t ask me, but I’ll answer anyway: never.

Here in the ‘States, most of the douchebags stunt riders ride modded liter-bikes and wear flat-brimmed ballcaps with the stickers still on them. I’m not sure what t-shirts they’re wearing these days (I stopped paying attention after the “No Fear” thing died out and the “Ed Hardy” trend was just getting started), but if I did know, I’d probably have a snarky comment for that, too.

These guys? They probably commute on these bikes. They’re functional pieces and – with their great fuel economy – practical pieces, too. Theses wear functional gear that’s not covered in energy drink logos, and they make for their bikes’ lack of displacement with talent, deft clutch-work, and a willingness to go balls-out on the throttle that would make most US riders cringe with pants-wetting terror.

I love these guys, in other words. Check out the Ghost Ryderz’ video, below, and you’ll love ’em by the 2 minute mark, I’m sure. Enjoy!

Source: Hell for Leather Magazine.

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  • The lower weight I’m sure makes them a little more maneuverable, but still this is impressive with 200cc bikes

    • Oh yeah – still, lower weight doesn’t mean better power:weight.

      • I am Mikhil Mohan and I manage and perform for the Ghost Ryderz.
        Thanks a ton for the wonderful article. Thanks again for paying so much attention to the details and respecting us for our hard work.
        Hope you dont mind me sharing the link in our Facebook page

        • No, man! This is GREAT stuff! Definitely send us more!!

      • True that. Also in bikes with greater displacement engines, it’s pretty easy to pull stunts, especially stuff like power wheelies and rolling burnouts, but in a bike with just 200 cc and around 23.5 bhp (BAJAJ Pulsar 200NS), pulling a stunt successfully depends more on the stunter’s physical ability, rather than his bike’s power-to-weight ratio.
        I wonder the possibilities if they (Ghost Ryderz) start using super-sport bikes or SBKs.
        Let’s wait and watch!

  • Ananthan A

    They maybe doin cause of lesser weight or better power or anything…….
    We dont care cause They are the GODs of Indian Stuntriding and we respect and admire them…
    Hatts off for The GHOST RIDERS………

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