Think EV Owners Have Until End Of Year To Get Warranty Work Done

Once a company bursting with optimism, Think Global is now just a hollow shell of an electric automaker. With just two employees left and a lack of interested buyers, the few loyal Think EV owners have until the end of this year to get any warranty or upgrade work done before the company disappears for good.

Nearly twenty years to the day after it was founded, Think Global declared bankruptcy in June of 2011. Yet production continued all the way through August of this year, filling out the final delivery orders with an assembly team of just two full-time workers at the Elkhart, Indiana factory. Talk about a sad state of affairs.

While Think management has been shopping around for a buyer, we’re now well into the 11th hour and there is no hope in sight. Come January 1st, 2013, the company will likely no longer exist, and will not be obligated to perform any warranty or upgrade work. So the few owners need to get the work done before the end of the year.

While word on the street is that there are spare parts to go around, don’t expect much aftermarket support for Think models. This is a car destined to become a relic, a museum piece if you will, another failed attempt to change the automotive world. I never personally had a chance to drive one, and it looks like most people never will.

The Think factory will most likely be turned into a soda factory. Pardon my language, but that is sofa king we todd did.

Source: Green Car Reports | Think-Tank Facebook Page


Christopher DeMorro

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