Tesla Model S Price Bump Coming Soon


Nobody would ever accuse the Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan of being cheap, with a leather interior, custom touchscreen interface, and pricing starting at over $57,000 before generous government incentives. If you go all out, you can easily spend over $90,000 on a Model S EV. For those few who can still afford such an opulent automobile, the price is about to get just a little heftier.

The Tesla Motors blog confirmed that within the new couple of weeks, the price of the Tesla Model S sedan will be going up. But don’t worry if you’re one of the 13,000 or so people with a Model S already on reserve; Tesla confirmed that only those making a Model S purchase after a certain date will be affected by the price increase.

Automakers regularly raise their prices from one year to the next in order to keep up with inflation, and squeeze a few more bucks in profit out of consumers. Tesla may also make certain equipment options standard going forward, though the company did not specify what options or how much higher the price might go.

But with the EV maker aiming to build 400 Model S sedans every week, they’re going to need every dollar on hand to make sure production keeps going. Tesla Motors is off to a strong start, but for all their bluster about changing the world for the better, they still need to turn a profit in order to remain a viable business. I won’t weep for the wealthy few who have to spend a few extra bucks on their electric luxury car.

Source: Tesla Motors Blog

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  • petero

    Your facts are correct. However, Tesla Motors announced the original target price of $57K/$49.9K in March 2009. They honored that price for quite a time and have taken over 15K reservations. What other manufacturer announces target prices and actually hits the target.

    IMO, the base “S” is a bargain for luxury-premium four door sedan, especially one that is a 21st Century design. After all, GM looses something like $49K on every Volt they sell! I would cut them some slack, new design, new factory, new assembly line workers, and made in the USA.

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