Video: Bigfoot Monster Truck Goes Green With Electric Powertrain

Back in the late 1970s, Bob Chandler started to garner a reputation around Missouri as the guy who owned the “monster truck” known as Bigfoot. Today, Bigfoot is known as the original monster truck, helping spark a national obsession with oversized car crushers. Now Bob has turned his attention towards going green, starting with an all-electric version of Bigfoot every bit as potent as the original.

Chandler’s big break came when an event promoter saw video of Bigfoot crushing two cars in a field as a joke. Thus began the whirlwind story of Bigfoot and the beginning of the monster truck world of motorsports.

Today though, Bob Chandler has reinvented Bigfoot as a quiet crushing machine, thanks to a 360 volt, 1,400 amp electric drivetrain coming from 30 Odyssey car batteries. You can hear the crunch of metal and glass thanks to the silent nature of this vehicle, sort of altering the experience of hearing the roar and rush of the big V8 engines most monster trucks use. It doesn’t lack for power either, sending over 800 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels

Indeed, monster trucks make a great business case for electric vehicles; they don’t drive very far, and because many monster truck shows are indoors, it would be a great deal cleaner too. Then again, some people come for the sound and smell as much as the car crushing action.

I don’t expect the world of monster trucks to make the jump to electric vehicles today, or anytime soon. But perhaps it will allow for some diversity in a sport that hasn’t strayed very far from a near 40-year old formula. And who better to reinvent the sport than the man who started it in the first place?

Source: Bigfoot 4×4


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