eBay Find: A Nissan Leaf Stretch Limo


Electric cars are suited to a number of short-range, city driving duties, though the jury is still out on their effectiveness as dedicated taxi cabs. That didn’t stop one Missouri company from stretching a Nissan Leaf into a limousine for a local Embassy Suites hotel. After just a few months in service though, the Leaf limo has found its way to eBay.

The work was done by Springfield, Missouri-based Imperial Coach Builders, who kept most of the Leaf’s internals intact. However, they did move the battery to the rear of the Leaf limo for weight balance, and the whole stretching process added an extra 400 pounds to the curb weight.

That likely had a serious effect on the Leaf limo’s range. So far the Leaf limo has racked up just 1,700 miles, a fairly paltry amount indicating a serious lack of use since the Leaf limo made its world debut in June of this year. But a lack of range doesn’t mean a lack of luxury, as this Leaf limo has room for four in the back in comfortable leather-lined seats.

Alas, without a minibar, television screen, or rows of LED lights, this Nissan Leaf stretch limo falls short compared to more accommodating vehicles. And unlike other electric limos like the student-designed “superbus”, the Leaf limo probably isn’t all that fast either. Perhaps that is the reason why it is up for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $57,000. Maybe they would have been better off with a Tesla Model S instead?

Source: eBay

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