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Red is the New Green: Little Electric Ferrari Testarossa

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Izaro GTe is a Tiny Electric Ferrari Homage

The last time we heard from the would-be carmakers at Izaro was back in 2010, when the company was pushing photoshopped images of Factory Five’s mid-engine kit cars and promising an all-original sportscar by 2012. I laughed. I scoffed, even. I shouldn’t have, it seems, because the slick little electric sportscar you see here (called, incidentally, the “Little” GT) is the one they were promising … and it is gorgeous.

Looking every bit like a modern-day Ferrari 250 TR, the electric Ferrari homage is capable of traveling just over 90 miles per charge. That promises to be a fun 90 miles, too, thanks to the car’s extremely light weight, open roof design, 70 mph top speed, and 60+ hp electric motors.

With good looks, more than enough range to be an adequate weekend runabout, and – did I mention it looks like a classic Testarossa?

1957 Ferrari 250TR

See what I mean?

Izaro’s Little GTe Faux-rrari is available for order now, with deliveries expected to begin next year. As long as you’re in Spain, that is – that’s the only place you can buy it (for now).

Source: Motorpasion.

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