Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Variants On The Way

The Tesla Model S has been described by some people as the most important car since the Ford Model T. While I think that may be overstating its importance just a wee bit, there is no doubt that the Model S is the supreme electric vehicle in the world right now. According to Elon Musk, Tesla is working on several unspecified variants on the Model S. Makes me wonder…what is Musk up to?

Without specifics to go on, I am only left to speculate as to what variants on the Tesla Model S might be in the works. I would be willing to bet that a sportier “GT” model is in the works though. There is already the Signature and Signature Performance variants of the Model S, but I am thinking of perhaps an even faster, more supercar-like Model S that forgoes range for speed.

Speaking of range, an even larger battery pack could also be in the cards. Or perhaps a smaller battery pack? Unlikely, given that the smallest battery the Tesla Model S offers with 40 kWh is about as low as you want to go for a dedicated electric vehicle. But there could be a less-luxurious version of the Model S in the cards that could shave off some of the opulence in exchange for a lower price tag. Perhaps the proposed sportier suspension setup might have something to do with this?

Who knows, perhaps there is even a sportwagon or coupe version of the Model S being penned right now. That’d be a sight to see. What do you think is the next evolution of the Tesla Model S sedan?

Source: Autoblog Green


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