Saudi Arabia Wants To Go 100% Green


The world is indeed a strange, wild place these days. While one wouldn’t think an oil-rich nation like Saudi Arabia would be ready to climb aboard the green train, there are elements within the Saudi royal family who think going green is a great idea, including Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, who  recently said he wanted to see his oil-rich nation go 100% green in his lifetime.

Prince Al Saud’s exact quote was “I would like to see Saudi Arabia using 100 percent renewable energy within my lifetime.” That could be part of the reason that Mecca, the Muslim holy city located in Saudi Arabia, is exploring ways to eliminate its carbon footprint and become a 100% green city.

Few countries are as well positioned to go green as Saudi Arabia. With hundreds of thousands of miles of undeveloped desert and uninterrupted sunlight, Saudi Arabia could easily become a green energy hub. This green energy could be sold to neighboring countries alongside Saudi Arabia’s massive oil supplies.

But not everybody share’s Prince Al Saud’s vision. Another Saudi Prince doesn’t want the United States and other nations developing alternatives to Saudi crude, afraid it could interrupt their egregious profits. Even if Saudi Arabia does go green, that doesn’t mean the rest of world can or will easily follow suit. Oil will continue to flow outward from Saudi borders for the foreseeable future, though production could be matched, or even passed, by a newly-resurgent America.

Yet I think it says something about the greening of the world’s energy economy when a member of the wealthiest oil monarchy wants to take his nation in a more sustainable direction. Maybe Mitt Romney and his energy advisors would be well-advised to look at Saudi Arabia’s oil policies; the GOP has already embraced the Saudi’s view of women’s rights (or lack thereof), why not their energy policy?

Source: Truth-Out

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  • T Adkins

    It make complete sense for Saudi Arabia to go green, every barrel they do not burn for their own use is a barrel of oil they can sell. If they dont sell it they can store it until they can. Even with the US ramp up in oil production it doesnt mean that the US is close to exporting oil, the US is it own biggest supplier of oil, we use all we can pull out of the ground and then we buy more from other places, the ramp up just mean we import less.

    Even if India and China slow down on their oil use just having growing populations and having growing economies will mean more oil use. We sit here still at a point where all by itself the state of California use more gasoline than all of China.

    I dont see Saudi Arabia sweating things until converting coal or CNG in to liquid fuel becomes competitive in price with oil.

  • t_

    Ha, interesting. But very clever. The time comes, when oil will be scarce. Then Saudi Arabia will have not many ways. The powerfull will want their oil, the oil will be no more, so to use now the oil money to transform their economy is more than clever. When oil is no more, electricity comes as the next energy carier, at least known one.