Clint Bowyer’s “Tekked-Out” Prius Actually Kind Of Cool

The Toyota Prius is not a popular car among the aftermarket crowd; you don’t see too many of the Toyota hybrids rollin’ down the street on dubs, yo. But NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer was charged with modifying a Prius for a good cause, and I have to say, the man did a good job of making the Prius kind of cool.

Bowyer’s “Tekked-Out Prius” was modified by RKM Performance, and the direction he took the Prius is definitely aimed at today’s younger, less car-centric crowd. The average iPhone owner is probably more interested in their smartphone than the car they drive, and Bowyer went right for the jugular by adding touchscreen capability via two 12-inch Asus tablets.

Ok, so maybe the iPhone user might not dig that, but Bowyer’s heart was in the right place. The 16-speaker JBL sound system makes up for the lack of iPads though, at least for me. Then again, the built-in Windows computer again begs the question “Why?” I’m a PC guy, but Apple is by far the “cooler” brand.

The sideview mirrors are replaced by a small camera system which cuts down on drag, as does the drastically-lowered ride height. I’m personally not a fan of the hood; I think all-black with the blue accents would have been better, but that’s just me. I do like the rest of the bodykit, which is not something you often see on a Prius. Since the Prius is being built in the pursuit of $50,000 for charity though, I can judge this car how I see fit.

Bowyer is competing against other Toyota Racing drivers for a $50,000 check for the charity of their choice. Other competitors are building a Tundra pickup, a Sequoia minivan, and a Camry sedan, so no one really got a cool car to start with. Fans will pick the winner via a voting system on Toyota Racing’s fan page through October 29th.

Bowyer has my vote for his Tekked-Out Prius, how about yours?

Source: Hybrid Cars


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