Fisker Considering Building Boats? Maybe One Day

Despite what most analysts would call a bad year, at least publicity-wise, Fisker is plugging along raising money left and right. The maker of the Fisker Karma needs to start making some money though, and founder Henrik Fisker may be considering expansion beyond the auto industry…specifically building a hybrid boats.

Fisker’s interview with the Wall St. Journal again lays out his vision of the future, where plug-in hybrid vehicles are driven by a majority of the population. By using just electricity for short-range trips, Fisker sees fuel consumption and emissions plummet rapidly. Of course that is if Fisker and other companies can make plug-in hybrids cheap enough for the common man to buy.

Right now the Fisker Karma costs around $100,000. The Fisker Atlantic, the next product from Fisker, will cost half what the Karma does, around $50,000, but that is still more than most people are willing to spend on a car. Instead of growing affordable enough for the masses though, Henrik Fisker seems to be thinking about a more exclusive clientele.

Towards the end of his interview, Fisker turns to the boating industry. “I could imagine that boats sailing in harbors will only use electric engines and then once they are out in the water they will use diesel. This is the future,” he says. While that certainly isn’t as plain as saying “We’re going to build hybrid boats,” he shows where the man’s mind is at.

And honestly? It might not be a bad idea. There are already plenty of green luxury yachts being built and planned. Why not a Fisker model? It could bring in some much-needed capital to the luxury hybrid maker.

Source: The Wall St. Journal


Christopher DeMorro

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