Folding Electric Trike Capable Of 28 MPH

I don’t really get the trike phenomenon, but there is definitely a movement out there that prefers three wheels to either four or two. The HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26-Pedelec (phew!) is a folding electric tricycle with pedals and a motor that allow for speeds up to 28 mph. Also, it costs $7,500.

Bicycling is big business these days, especially in urban areas where people have gotten sick and tired of mass transit or sitting in traffic. This has led to a boom in the custom bicycle and e-bike business. and what we’ll just call the Scorpion from here on out hopes to capture the premium end of the market.

With a large back wheel, pedals, and a 500-watt hub-mounted electric motor, the Scorpion electric trike can still be folded into a space small enough to fit most car trunks or storage closets. Built by those crafty Germans, the top-end model allows for a motor-assisted top speed of 28 mph, which in ze Fatherland requires an auto license and insurance. A 15 mph model, as well as a recumbent bike with no electric motor at all is also available, but where is the fun in that?

The Scorpion isn’t cheap at $7,500, but the pricing is in the same ballpark as some of the other neat e-bikes that have been making the news. I still don’t get the whole trike thing, unless it happens to involve drifting or street surfing, but I guess some people just dig being different.

Source: Gizmag


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