Founder Of Trades In Volt For A Ford

When the Chevy Volt was first announced, Dr. Lyle Dennis was among the first and most enthusiastic supporters of this new-fangled plug-in hybrid. He even went so far as to start a website that has become a cornerstone of the Chevy Volt community, But alas, all good things come to an end, and Dr. Dennis is trading in his Volt…for a Ford.

See, Dr. Dennis has a growing family, and the Chevy Volt offers seating for just four people thanks to its T-shaped battery. Thanks to a recent addition to the Dennis family, the founder of needed a new car with more room.

The car he plans to buy is none other than the brand spankin’ new Ford C-Max Energi, a plug-in hybrid with a 47 mpg rating across the board and a price tag of $29,995 after tax credits. But that doesn’t mean Dennis is jumping ship; he still thinks the Volt is a great car, claiming to have averaged around 190 mpg in his plug-in hybrid over the course of 14,000 miles.

Dr. Dennis has also helped the Volt movement swell, garnering a huge following on his website and even earning a place on GM’s Volt Consumer Advisory Board. But the Ford C-Max Energi offers more room for the Doc’s growing family, and so it is with a heavy heart that he plans on trading in his Volt for the C-Max Energi.

It’s a big win for Ford, and a wakeup call for GM to get moving on a MPV or crossover version of the Volt for larger families. It is the obvious next step, so what is GM waiting for? The longer they hold out, the more Ford defectors there might be…

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