Video: NASCAR Teams Trick Out Toyota Prius

When NASCAR allowed Toyota to enter the hallowed halls of oval track racing, many fans cried foul. Well all that whining and crying amounted to a whole lotta nothing, and now Toyota is a fierce competitor in the NASCAR racing series.

In an effort to drum up publicity and money for a charity cause, Toyota’s NASCAR star Clint Bowyer and RKM Performance are tricking out a Prius hybrid. Yup, a NASCAR Prius. Maybe the Mayans were right?

The “Tekked-Out” Prius will recieve a whole host of interior upgrades that will take it from mild to wild. This will include black leather and suede, fiber optic accent lighting, numerous cameras, a 17.5-inch touchscreen center console. “Tekked-Out” indeed.

On the outside, the NASCAR Prius will get a new grille and, I assume some new wheels, perhaps a lowering kit, a custom body kit, and other enhancements to make it look cooler. I’ve seen a few Prius bodykits here and there, and in the right hands the Prius can actually have quite a presence. Alas, the engine bay will be left alone, which is kind of disappointing.

What isn’t disappointing though is that this whole project benefits a charity of the driver’s choice. The public will vote online for their favorite custom Toyota, as Bowyer will be competing against another NASCAR team and two NHRA drag racing teams for the best design. Bowyer will be competing against Kyle Busch who is modifying a Toyota Camry, NHRA driver Anton Brown who is customizing a Toyota Sequoia, and Alexis DeJoria who is working on a Toyota Tundra The winner will get to pick a charity for Toyota to donate $50,000 to.

I can’t wait to see what Bowyer and RKM come up with. Yup, I’m actually excited about a Prius. The world must be coming to an end.

Source: Toyota


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