Tesla Supercharger Teased, Will Be Unveiled Tonight


I have called Tesla’s plan to develop a proprietary supercharging system usable only by their cars a folly. Yet Elon Musk has his reasons for doing so, and tonight he will make the case for the Tesla “supercharger” system that he says will completely fill the 85 kWh battery pack in Tesla Model S in an hour.

If that is true, that would make it the fastest charging system on the market by a wide margin. most publicly-installed Level 2 chargers take between three and six hours to charge a battery pack one-third the size. Even Level 3 chargers take an hour or more to top off a 24 kWh battery like those found in the Nissan Leaf.

From the sounds of it though, these Tesla supercharging stations will be more something more. Solar power will be utilized, though from the sounds of it not as the main source of energy. Musk says that 30 minutes of charging will provide three hours of driving. That’s not a bad tradeoff, and from the looks of the teaser image these supercharging stations may be more than just a plug in the wall.

Tesla’s plan calls for 30 supercharger stations up and down the coastal U.S. This will allow drivers of the Model S sedan with the 60 kWh and 85 kWh battery packs to travel the most densely-populated parts of the country. Those opting fort the “cheap” 40 kWh battery packs won’t be able to use the supercharging system, though future Tesla vehicles will no doubt have supercharger capacity built into them as well.

All will be revealed tonight at the official unveiling. I’ll have more details for you on the morrow.

Source: Green Car Reports

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  • Rd2

    “This will allow drivers of the Model S sedan (and only the ones with the bigger battery packs) ”

    Wrong. The 60kwh packs will also be supercharger compatible. This has been known for well over a year. Check the website.

    • Christopher DeMorro


      I should have specified; only the 60 and 85 kWh battery packs will be charged via the supercharger.

      The supercharger will not be compatible with the 40 kwh battery packs.

  • Uncle Eaton Corp.

    No way the estimated recharging ranges are accurate unless you turn OFF all appliances including the AIR CONDITIONING and radio. Also driving in 100 degree temps will shorten the battery charge, as will sub freezing temps. Also very misleading as Solar could not even power the street light above the charging stations for more than an hour or so.
    We are not even close to realistic electric cars and this article is a prime example of our challenges ahead.

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  • Savannah

    Wrong! Six charging are already operational, providing almost 200 miles f charge in 30 minutes. They’re powered entirely by solar, and actually generate more power than drivers will use, so they’re putting energy back into the grid.

    Tesla says they expect to have stations all over the US and S. Canada within 4-5 years. And charging will be free for Model S owners, indefinitely.