Supercharged Aston Martin Cygnet Mini-car Looks the Business

Aston Martin Cygnet in Gulf Colors

The Gulf Oil colors are one of the few truly iconic liveries in the automotive universe. Along with the Marlboro red/white of the dominant Penske and McLaren efforts of the 80s and 90s and the Martini colors that adorned the dominant Lancia and (later) Ford rally efforts, the blue and orange Gulf Oil colors make up the “big three” in poser tribute paint-jobs.

This little Aston Martin Cygnet is the “greenest” of the Aston Martins. Even so, it’s still an Aston, and that is usually enough for most of the nouveau riche to start shopping in the blue/orange section of the Home Depot’s paint department. This particular Aston, however, seemed to wear the Golf livery a bit ironically when it appeared on Teamspeed.

Despite the diminutive Aston’s small size and supercharged aftermarket-tuned engine, it’s still a pokey little city car. Surely. That said, the Cygnet’s a fun pokey little city car, and a damned sight classier than this gold-plated monstrosity.

No specs or performance numbers are yet available. I’ll keep an eye out for them, though, and will post them here as soon as they’re available.



Jo Borrás

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