Video: Fox News Gets A Lesson On Civility, Economics From Ford CEO


Fox News, purveyors of half-truths and hysteria, has been on an anti-GM crusade ever since the Bush-and-Obama-backed auto bailouts. Their favorite target is without a doubt the Chevy Volt, a car that has been subject to withering, and often false criticisms. But in a recent interview with Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Fox News host Neil Cavuto tried (and failed) to get Mulally to diss the Volt.

Instead, Mulally told Cavuto that without the auto bailouts, the entire auto industry would have been in “real trouble.”

The beginning of the interview has Cavuto almost harassing Mulally, repeating three times the Volt “must stink” compared to the new Fusion Hybrid. What does Mulally do? He says “Well it gets 8 mpg better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid.” In fact, “Volt” does not pass from Mulally’s lips once, though Cavuto goes on to talk about the “government takeover” that happened to GM. Oh lawdy.

Make no mistake, I am a Ford man, through and through, and Mulally is a hero in my book for turning around Ford. Cavuto at least remembers that Ford also went to Capitol Hill with GM and Chrysler to pull for a national auto bailout…under President Bush. While Mulally also goes on to claim they didn’t take “one cent” of bailout money, which is technically true, Ford was granted a $5.9 billion low-interest government loan to makeover 5 of its factories in the fall of 2008. Technically not a bailout, but Fox News has had no problem calling out Tesla, who received just $465 million under the same program. So, yeah.

But the real kicker is this; Cavuto asks Mulally if he thinks that Ford and other automakers would have survived without that bailout. Mulally’s response? “We all would have been in real trouble.”

BOOM! Schooled. Maybe it turns out the GOP, Mitt Romney, and Fox News have been getting their facts all wrong? Good luck getting them to admit that. But I think Mulally showed a lot of class by not giving into Cavuto’s Volt-baiting, despite the intense rivalry between Ford and GM, and then laying on the truth about the auto bailouts.

Yup, I’ve got a bro-crush on Mulally. The man saved my favorite automaker, AND smacked a Fox News anchor upside the head with just-the-facts (mostly). Big ups Mr. Mulally. Big ups.

Source: Media Matters

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  • Jason Carpp

    What I’d like to see is American cars being built here in North America. Whether it’s here in the USA, or in Canada, at least it’s being built on our shores for our people to drive, not in China, India, Vietnam. It’s one thing to import cars from other countries, but why the hell can’t we build cars and export them to other places? That’s bullshit. That’s something that needs to be answered.

    • “We” typically can’t build cars and sell them overseas because US-market cars have, traditionally, been garbage compared to the Japanese and European products available. It’s only been very recently (like, the last 10 years or so) that American brands have been building competitive product, and even then the Chryslers have been based on discontinued Mercedes platforms, the hot GM products have been developed by Opel in Germany, and Ford UK is pushing Ford US to adopt more European product.

      As for “on our shores”, I guess I don’t share the same xenophobia.

    • Libby

      Its too expensive to make cars in Canada. Labor costs and the strong CAD$ are the largest contributors.

  • 2gadabout

    I’m glad to hear Fox News got comeuppance, but I NEVER waste my time watching Fox News. I even resent hearing it on the radio. I don’t believe in spewing hate, especially among people who claim to be Christians.

    • Well said. I don’t see any commonality between the faith I was taught and the hate I see spewed all over Fox News and GOP speeches.

  • Jay Tee

    Oh cut it out…. Fox news is like the other major news outlets. They have their good times and bad. ‘Purveyors of lies and half-truths” and ‘spewing hate’ is so over the top. Now I’ll be wondering if what I read on here is just rhetoric.

    • You keep wondering. If you think Fox still has anything left to say that’s relevant or meaningful, I’m surprised you can get through one of our articles, to be honest.

      I’ll qualify that by saying I used to watch Fox News, and up through 2003 it was still sort of watchable. The Bush/Kerry elections really, in my opinion, is when Fox totally lost their s***, and I honestly, truly, deeply believed that if there is a Hell, it is reserved for the jackwagons that are on Fox spewing hate, and the idiots watching it lapping up said hate and bigotry and stupidity like it was mother’s milk.

      SO, dear Jay Tee, YOU cut it out. Possibly while getting bent.

  • Jay Tee

    You’re surprised I can ‘get through one of our articles’ ? Are you serious? You can’t put aside immature, unrealistic rhetoric, even when you’re called on it?
    Whaaaa whaaaaa Fox hurt your feelings apparently. Try to get over it. And the fact that their viewership is more than the other networks combined.

    • Christopher DeMorro

      @ Jay Tee

      I’m with Jo. Don’t like it? Go get your news from one of the conservative, right-wing green tech blogs.

      Oh wait, those don’t exist, because according to Fox News and Glenn Beck, climate change is a scam and green energy is an impossible lie.

  • Dave

    I agree. I come here to read about new technology and advances in transportation. It’s hard to read though all political posturing and hate. It’s alienating to your readers. If you want to stereotype and flame away go over to the Fox forums. Plenty of easy targets over there.

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