Design BMW’s Future City Car With Local Motors, Win $30,000

Local Motors, an automotive start-up that also doubles as a futuristic design studio, has made quite a name for itself in a short time. I had a chance to check out the Local Motors Rally Fighter a few years ago, and since then the company has opened up a micro-factory in Arizona where you can help build your very own car.

Now Local Motors is teaming up with BMW to offer a $30,000 grand prize to anybody who can design an urban car concept good enough to be an Ultimate Driving Machine.

The contest is accepting designs now through October 16th, and the winner will be flown to Munich, Germany to meet with BMW’s own team of designers. That is in addition to a $30,000 cash prize for a futuristic urban concept car that BMW may even actually make into a production model…in the year 2025 or so.

See, the contest is to design an urban car for the mega-cities of the future. Something that is fuel-efficient, compact, practical yet affordable. A car for the teeming masses of the future’s crowded cities. It could be diesel, electric, or anything in-between. You have to head over and sign up for the Local Motors Forge to submit your designs, where you can check out and critique other artist’s renderings.

Not only is this great publicity for Local Motors, but it is helping BMW reach out to a new generation of designers and car buyers. Indeed, with the Internet now giving voice to the car-buying multitudes, car companies find themselves having to respond more quickly to the criticisms and suggestions of would-be consumers.

While BMW is developing some urban car concepts of its own design, including a front-drive hybrid, this contest will (hopefully) lift the best-looking design into a position where it might become reality.

If I had any sort of drawing-skillz, I’d definitely be into this contest. If you decide to submit your design, leave a comment below so we can all go and upvote it!

Source: Local Motors


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