Smart ForStars Concept Brings Electric Drivetrain, Funky New Look

The Smart car brand has not seen a lot of sales success in the U.S. for a multitude of reasons not worth rehashing. But the latest concepts to come from the small car brand could change attitudes…if it is actually built. The Smart ForStars not only looks good, but utilizes an all-electric drivetrain from famed Mercedes tuner BRABUS.

I’ve highlighted some of BRABUS’s Mercedes EV conversions on these pages before, and putting this electric technology to work in a more-affordable Smart car may actually lead to mass production. Me personally, I love the look of the Smart ForStars, which is far more aggressive-looking than the current offerings from Mercedes-owned Smart.

While Smart has the ForTwo electric drive, the high cost and blended-in looks haven’t really helped it make an impact (or sales). But the ForStars is funky and sporty, inside and out. On top of that, the third-generation electric drivetrain will offer around 87 miles of range from a 17.5 kWh battery pack.

While the 80 horsepower and 99 ft-lbs of torque aren’t earth shattering, an 80 mph top speed should allow for some engaging highway driving. If this is the new design language for Smart, count me as a fan. Now they just have to build a car that resembles this concept, and they might actually find some sales success. We’ll find out more when the Smart ForStar Concept makes its official debut at the Paris Auto Show later this week.

Source: Smart


Christopher DeMorro

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